Friday, 3 April 2009

Why do we need gimmicks to vote?

How do you get people to vote? Should Election Day be moved to the weekend? Should we encourage postal votes or voting at the supermarket? Should we allow voting from home over the internet?

In my experience older voters are more likely to use their vote than younger voters. There is an apathy caused by Labour and Conservative policies converging, but this convergence of Labour and Conservative doesn't stop them from having good people as members, of course, and depending on your own political inclinations you might find yourself at home with either of them. Even a person with more radical inclinations might join them, seeing their conversion to a more radical agenda as a challenge. But it's usually best to find a group you can happily agree with and work with, rather than take that challenge.

The best way to avoid apathy is to get involved yourself. Electronic votes or voting in the supermarket are gimmicks. Use your vote because you can make a difference.

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