Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Who has authority in Gordon's office?

The lead story on News at Ten (14th April) continues to be David Cameron asking for an apology for the email scandal. He says that 'only a change in government can change this sort of nonsense'. I am sure that David has a thick skin. In fact he has no reason to be offended by remarks that make him a political victim and will help his cause. He is playing a political game which says 'elect us now because the government has done something wrong'. This nonsense will undoubtedly continue with a change of government.

Everyone agrees that the emails were terrible. However it seems that the problem only arose because the emails were leaked. It seems that the checks and balances on our government are based on leaks. What else had Damian McBride done? He wrote the latest insults but I presume that his character has not totally changed in the last few days. What has Gordon done to help these very important leaks keep control of his office? Gordon hasn't said sorry but everyone believes that the emails are terrible. He should say sorry but I am more concerned about the changes that are required to stop this happening again.

Sleaze knows no political boundaries. One commentator said that John Major was not involved in sleaze but Gordon Brown is at the heart of this scandal. He obviously doesn't remember John Major asking us to return to family values while he was having an affair with Edwina Currie. Which is worse on your scale of moral values, an insult or an affair?

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