Friday, 17 April 2009

Health and Education

Safety nets are the mark of a civilised society, and our health service should be based on need not on ability to pay. We do have many private health schemes and there is nothing wrong with people paying for health care, but problems occur when there is a link between private and NHS. Has the consultant been delayed because they spent longer with an NHS patient who was in need or because they added a private patient to their morning list?

Education should be based not on need but on ability. There are many instances when we 'need' to read and write but I hesitate to use this word because some people can't. I prefer the word ability, and we should allow our children to train to the best of their ability. You will know if you have read my blogs that I am not a great fan of the 50% target for university entrance. I am equally not a fan of putting a stop to training because of lack of funding.

There is some support in place for students but many have not continued with a PhD course because of lack of funding. I remember reading this was why the Corpus Christi contestant in the final of University Challenge told us he was studying chemistry. He forgot that he had stopped being a student, but he really was clever. A lot of people are in the same boat, but someone takes up the PhD place. Is it an overseas student or someone with private funding? If the student is able, financial restrictions should not prevent their progress.

Health should be based on need and education should be based on ability.

Change the world.

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