Saturday, 25 April 2009

Wheelie Bins Good or Bad?

There is an article in the news that is about wheelie bins that are not being taken back into the owners' property. Fines are taking place in Pendle because these bins are a hazard to the fire service.

I don't know if I am stating the obvious but this means that even accounting for one collection per fortnight, the new system has caused a fire hazard to one fourteenth of our household properties. There were objections when the wheelie bins were introduced. I defended them because they are fairly easy to manoeuvre and cats can't get into them. However the days of the bin man moving your bin and putting it back where it came from have gone.

There is a further problem with the wheelie bins. If people are being fined on a regular basis we have created a new class of criminal. It was not possible to commit this crime a few years ago. Additionally, we need more council staff to just to deal with the new crimes.

If the bottom line is the bins are a fire hazard I have changed my mind on what I thought was a beneficial change.

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