Monday, 27 April 2009

Where is David Cameron's Thrift?

I have written blogs about the need for a government. Governments serve many useful purposes and people appreciate their work even if they don’t like paying for them. However we are facing tough times and the service may get worse. How does a political party get votes and make cuts? It seems that David Cameron’s answer is to talk tough but say nothing. He will make tough decisions on the economy. Great. That will save money. He won't cut education. He won’t cut overseas aid. That’s good but that costs a lot. Where is the thrift coming from? Who knows? He defended his decision not to outline his spending plans immediately, on the grounds that detailed plans would become completely out of date.

One minor cut is to scrap the ID cards but this is not a big area for spending. Furthermore by saving on ID cards he has split his party. Conservative views on ID cards, on Europe... the list goes on. To say things like the money has run out is simply ridiculous but gets press coverage.

It's not just on the spending side of the equation that Mr Cameron tries to have it both ways. He said that Chancellor Alistair Darling's new 50 per cent top tax rate was a "pathetic piece of class war posturing" but also said that removing this higher tax rate would not be a priority.

Vince Cable has asked for a grown up debate on the economy. Let’s hope David can respond.

Change the world.

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