Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Congratulations to Michael Shields

After four years in prison Michael Shields has been released. It seems that new evidence has come to light which means the decision to keep him in prison may be reversed. I know about the reports in the media. I know that Michael has always protested his innocence and said he was asleep when the attack on a Bulgarian barman took place. I have always thought that his conviction was questionable, but I cannot say anything for definite because I am not in posession of the full details of the case.

What I can say is that a serious attack took place. There is a good chance that quite a few Liverpool fans know who is to blame. One person came forward and confessed to the attack but later retracted his confession. Was he the attacker? Is he simply someone who tried to help Michael Shields? At best he is someone who has wasted a lot of police time.

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this saga. Is the new evidence so strong that it overturns the previous decision by Jack Straw? Are investigations continuing to capture the criminal? What happened to the person who gave the confession? Who pays the compensation for the last four years of a "living hell". Who is acting to secure justice for the attack on the Bulgarian barman? All these questions need answers but today is a day for congratulating Michael Shields and his campaign team.

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