Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Is a healthy lifestyle healthy?

Keith Floyd was a colourful character who died on the 14th September aged 65. The cause of death was a heart attack. He was a smoker and liked a drink. He never looked like he was in perfect health and he did have a stroke in 2002. I remember that I nearly got to see him in Morecambe but his show was cancelled for health reasons, but he did live life to the full and his last meal included Morecambe shrimps. His doctor had told him to stop drinking but he had still managed a glass of wine.

The Government advises us to live healthy lives. This message is confirmed by our doctors and other health professionals. In the next breath the Government tells us we are living too long and pensions are costing us too much. Are we going to have the pension age raised?

I have recently read that the number of heart attacks has fallen greatly since the smoking ban came into place. Should we be a little less healthy and enjoy life? Floyd may have endeared himself to his audience for his cookery and travel programmes, but should we consider his affable flamboyant character one that we should copy?

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  1. Confused? We are living healthy and longer but our pensions looks like a burden,etc... Why not enjoy life and take a break of being too healthy?

  2. One can still enjoy life to it's full without indulgence,smoking, drugs and alcohol. I see little about the life styles of many 'celebrities', smokers and the inebriated that convinces me that they 'enjoy' life.