Saturday, 12 September 2009

CRB or not CRB that is the question

I have written about Ian Huntley in an earlier blog but I am going to write about him again because of a government initiative which has been driven by his crimes. In October we will have a new vetting and barring scheme which relates to people who are employed and work with children or vulnerable adults and it doesn't matter whether the work is paid or voluntary.

There are changes that have been implemented already because of Ian Huntley and checks are being carried out. You are required to undergo an enhanced CRB (police) check if you wish to work in paid employment with these groups.

So what is my problem with this? We need protecting don't we? Well the first problem I see is that the changes may be necessary but it is doing nothing to stop a repeat of the Ian Huntley situation. the girls that he killed were known to his girlfriend Maxine Carr. It is almost as if the people who looked into the changes that were needed have forgotten the original problem.

My main concern is that the checks that are being carried out are fundamentally flawed. I consider this system expensive but let's say it only costs a pound. If a million people have to have checks that are not needed then it has cost a million pounds. Why aren't they needed? Simple, because one has already been done. The checks are only relevant to the work that they relate to. If your work demands a check and then you are a member of three voluntary groups then there are three unnecessary payments. The second fundamental flaw is that once your are in position then no further check is carried out.

Whatever benefits anyone may mention about the changes that will take place in October, if these flaws have not been dealt with then you can hardly be surprised if they are criticised. How can our great minds come up with this ridiculous situation then add to it and say that it is good?

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  1. I have four CRB checks...all through working with children in various places, one is also vulnerable adults, But I do know of music teachers who have whole wadges of CRB certificates, as they travel from place to place whilst teaching. Say they teach 1/2 a day / week /per school, then teach from home during evenings, weekends, holidays...that is at least 11. Each employer wants the staff cleared at their place of work. Fine, but people still slip through the net.