Monday, 14 September 2009

Help unemployment and help Morecambe

The headline in today's Sunday Times is 'cut public spending say voters'. It seems that if we are to solve the problem of public debt then the public wish to cut spending. This may not sit well with the Conservative Lancashire County Council who recently increased borrowing in order to balance the books. Equally Gordon Brown will be feeling uneasy about any furthe tax increases.

In my experience of knocking on doors I very rarely hear requests to cut expenditure. I frequently hear requests for better services. Why are our roads in such poor condition? Why don't the council cut the grass more often. Why can't our bins be collected more frequently? This sort of question is heard much more frequently than make job cuts in the council but these thoughts must be becoming more popular.

We know that unemployment is a blight on our society. If we leave our young men and women unemployed for long enough then they may become institutionalised and not fit for work. Where I live on Broadway in Morecambe the road was built to help with unemployment in the 1930s. Similarly the building of Morecambe Town Hall helped create employment.

People in the 30s had vision to help the population and get things done that had to be done. If we had the vision today this would be building a new town hall and a Morecambe link road to the motorway. One thing is for sure. If I had a business I would not choose to place it in Morecambe. Unless we have the infrastructure to connect us to the rest of Lancashire and the country, then Morecambe will slowly die.

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  1. Spot on.
    The billions we now owe should have been invested in infrastructure projects instead of bailing out the banks.
    We would then have had something to show and had also had better employment prospects.
    Some banks would have gone to the wall yes, but didn't they deserve to do so.
    They are now bang at it again.