Monday, 28 September 2009

Debate with the BNP

Should we debate with the BNP? The Labour Party decided that they should not share a platform with them. They don't want the BNP to have the oxygen of publicity. We don't have to be specific and talk about the BNP as it could be any group or individual whose opinions we don't agree with. Even if their opinions are abhorrent, how do you persuade others that they are loathsome? Option A, just say they inspire loathing and hope people believe you. Option B, debate the issues in public.

Jack Straw has now gone for option B. On the 22nd October he will be seen along with the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP. Mr Straw's decision has angered some party activists. You cannot please everyone but I am sure that he has made the right decision. His reasoning is that if you fight them hard then the BNP are defeated. Of course the BNP will not agree and will argue on policies.

The BNP work on xenophobic fears and thus highten them. Foreigners take our jobs and Europe make all the decisions. Well some foreigners take our jobs because employers wish to take a difficult route to get good workers, and Europe will have an increasing role in making decisions. Do we want to be part of that decision making process? This is the debate that we must have. The trouble for Jack is that if he emphasises Labour policy then he will highlight a split in his own party. The Tories have a similar if not greater dilemma. That is their problem. In the meantime well done Jack Straw for going against party policy and joining in with the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

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