Saturday, 26 September 2009

We want good local schools

If you live in an area with grammar schools then you may think of this as a wonderful option. It allows for streaming and a better use of resources where like-minded individuals will gather to the improvement of all.

You may take an alternative view that grammar schools limit streaming. Selection takes the flexibility out of streaming. Those who struggle at the grammar school cannot join a lower stream. In all the other schools the higher achievers cannot stream upwards. The biggest criticism is that most children may be labelled as failures at the age of 11.

If you are anti-grammar schools you can argue that making children travel many miles to get to school does not make sense. It may even be the case that the majority of pupils don't go to their nearest school, which is not good for the children and not good for the environment.

Opposition to grammar schools is not looked on favourably. Every child who gets to grammar school will be pleased along with all their parents. Those parents who failed to get their children into grammar schools will also support the system because they have become part of this system. Grammar schools will not be high on the agenda for those with no children.

What everyone wants is a good local school not the pressure of separating their child from their primary school friends.

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  1. Good theory.
    But what are the chances of obtaining a place for one's child in one's own good local community school.
    And, if one's local school is not up to speed (good) the theory fails.

  2. I suppose parents who are able to move do so - just like they do now, However the emphasis should be on making all schools good so that we don't have a postcode lottery.