Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Top lawyers win their cases

There are so many stories about expert lawyers winning cases for their clients and if a lesser lawyer had taken the case then the same verdict may not have been achieved. These lawyers tend to charge a lot for their services so only the very rich are in a position to receive their help. There is one expert who works for the rich and famous when they have been driving too fast. This may seem like a minor offence and not worthy of spending a great deal, but it may be the difference between keeping or losing a driving licence. It sounds like a two tier system of justice but in a capitalist world I suppose it is the way of the world. The haves beat the have-nots again.

In the case of Steven Gerrard, a serious assault took place in December 2008 in a Southport club. Coverage was seen on TV of this assault because of the CCTV cameras in the club. There was a suggestion that the man who was sitting down stood up and was repeatedly punched. Everyone is not guilty. Gerrard and others were acting in self-defence from the aggressive way that this man stood up. I don't know if not guilty is the same as innocent but I don't think the person being punched could afford the same calibre of lawyer as those doing the punching.

If there is any good news to come out of this it is that Steven Gerrard is humble about this experience. He has changed his ways and will no longer celebrate in public, presumably because people may stand up near him after he marches over to them.

Of course I will remove this blog if any top lawyers ask me to do so.

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