Sunday, 27 September 2009

How not to tackle illegal workers

I wrote about Baroness Scotland on the 19th September. Since then we find that she is guilty of breaking her civil law but she thinks it is like failing to pay the congestion charge. Even if you accept her explanation that she forgot to take a photocopy of the passport, it would still be much more like Ken Livingstone not paying the congestion charge.

Now (26th Sept) it turns out that the illegal worker, Loloahi Tapui says she never showed her passport to anyone. The Attorney General maintains her defence and calls Ms Tapui a liar. The problem I have with this is if the passport has an attached visa then this tells you whether employment is possible. If the passport was seen then so was the visa.

Regardless of whether civil or criminal law has been broken, there is a much more significant aspect to this for the Baroness and that is her credibility which was wearing thin before these latest revelations.

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