Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gordon tells the party what to believe

One of the great differences between the Labour Party, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats is the way that they make policy. The Liberal Democrats debate and vote at conference. Today (29th Sept) Gordon Brown announced new policy in his speech to conference.

I was expecting an announcement about care of the elderly because of the difference between the support given to the elderly in Scotland and those who live in England. It just doesn't seem fair that if you live in England and need to live in a care home then you have to sell your house. In Scotland you don't. Who is right? The English under Gordon Brown will say they are right, but if you are Scottish, like Gordon Brown, then they are right. It is the discrepancy which is not fair. Do we have a migration to Scotland for those who live near the border? The headlines will today will claim "free personal care" for those who are cared for in their own home. Read past the headline and you will find it is only for those with the highest need. How many will apply and fail and be embarrassed? How many will be too embarrassed to apply at all?

At the Labour Conference Gordon also announced that there would be no compulsory ID cards. Unfortunately for Peter Mandelson the cameras were on him. He wasn't smiling. I presume he was thinking about how he would spin this one.

I did not see all of Gordon's speech but I did hear him mention changing the world three times. Perhaps he reads this blog.

Change the world

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