Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Non-branded products may be just as good

There is an advert on TV for dog food and this company can trace all the meat in their products back to the farm where it came from. I am not sure how useful this information is. You see I don't know anything about farms so I don't want this information. Are they trying to tell us that when things go wrong they are going to do something about it? Well that's nice to know, but don't all the other companies have to follow health and safety procedures? I don't expect the quality of dog food to be such that it is fit for human consumption, so this must mean that this company can tell your where the second rate farms are.

A friend of mine used to work for a large producer of beer. Yes I am getting jealous just writing this. He told me that the company would produce beer for supermarkets. It was essentially the same beer with a different label. It's not just beer, it can be any product but it is the way of the world. Sell what you can at a price that gives you further profit. It may well be that branded products are distinctive and you may feel that they are better, but that non-branded product may be just as good without the advertising.

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  1. My ex's Dad..now deceased, worked for Libby's/Nestle...etc
    The supermarket.....starting with S......marketed the baked beans..probably still does....now the brand name baked beans are very popular....are Ss own brand keeping track..after al they are the same?