Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cut costs everywhere

Can we tell what is going to happen to the economy? Well we know it is shrinking and we know our national debt is increasing. So what is the response? Gordon Brown tells us we are going to be making cuts. Where are these cuts? Is it in health or education? Will ID cards be cancelled? This will save money and it will knock the wind out of the sails of the opposition parties who have been campaigning on principle but also saying how we will save money.

There is another answer - borrow more. It is what the Conservatives did this year in Lancashire County Council. This goes against my way of thinking. If we can employ people to do good work for society then they will have money to stimulate the economy. If we borrow more then it takes a little longer to show how the economy is hurting us. This crisis may have been caused by excessive borrowing and we have spent more money than we have. So really we now have to look at where cuts may be made.

My school had no computers. Now it seems that everyone in the public service needs one. I was taught to count the pennies and I still do, but when it comes to spending the pounds on computers we have decided that this is essential. We now have much more information saved on computers but why do we need so much information? Is it to defend ourselves in court? I have written about lawyers recently and the way that they win regardless of the court case. Now we need to cover our backs for legal reasons. Nothing gets thrown away.

It doesn't matter whether we are talking about the NHS, local government or any national government department. We cover our backs, pay for computers, store everything away and then worry about whether we have enough information or whether we are going to lose it on a train.

Change the world

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