Sunday, 13 September 2009

Give motorway workers a fighting chance

I am just writing a brief blog today as I have had a full day taking wedding photographs. On my drive back from Manchester I passed two sets of roadworks that told me to slow down as there was a workforce in the road.

My thoughts on speed limits are that we should adhere to them. They are there for a reason. In fact I would lower the national speed limit. If we are serious about lowering our carbon footprint and using less energy then this would be a really simple way of doing it. Some people would say that they are quite safe to break the speed limit and it is their money if they want to buy more petrol.

To feel you are safe is one thing. I hope we all feel safe when we get into a car otherwise we shouldn't get in. However mistakes happen and if they happen at speed then the consequences are much worse. To get back to my first paragraph, all those drivers who feel they are safe should consider the workforce. If you were the person working on the motorway what limit would you like? Driving at 100mph when the limit is 40mph is not good. I think that drivers should give those working on the motorway a fighting chance.

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