Friday, 11 September 2009

Let's have some control of the market

Back in 2004 Terry's of York's factory in York was closed by its American owners Kraft. No longer do you get your Chocolate Orange from York but it comes from cheaper factories on the continent. This is one example of how the world is getting smaller it's also an example of globalisation. This week Cadbury turned down an offer of £10.2 bn from Kraft, but with this sort of offer I wouldn't be surprised if Cadbury were sold in the near future.

Companies are sold when their shareholders say it is time to sell. In a free market sales are nothing to do with governments although it is not unknown for the state to step in to prevent sales. The point is that the decision to buy, the decision to sell, the decision to relocate away from this country are all decisions made by the company and their shareholders. Let's stop blaming the government or Europe. If anything the national and European governments can help protect our businesses.

Change the world

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