Monday, 26 July 2010

Acceptable Cheating

Even if you didn't follow the German Grand Prix closely you will probably know about the controversy surrounding Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. On the news we heard an order going out to Massa telling him that Alonso is faster, and then Alonso overtakes. Some may call this cheating.

In the same weekend Alex Higgins dies and we see old news reports of him saying that there is no game that is more corrupt. He is said to have refused to accept money to throw a game on more than one occassion. About ten years ago one person told me to bet on a particular horse the next time it was running in Scotland. I didn't know enough about racecourses never mind betting to have taken this advice.

I am sure that many will be aware of corruption in sport. Most accept professional sport as a form of entertainment or a financial commodity rather than a competition between individuals or teams - ask Manchester United fans if you want an explanation. Does it matter? Well it probably does to the fans who jump up and down when a goal is scored. It matters to people who watch cars go round a racetrack without any overtaking for 18 laps. It matters to me because many will accept that cheating is acceptable.

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