Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Letters to the editor

I have heard others complain about bias in Morecambe's local press but so far I have refused to believe them. I don't normally send letters to the paper but I have sent three this year. The first was published, the second wasn't but it was just before the election. However the editor could have quite easiliy used her powers and published half of it. Two weeks ago I sent my third letter and it hasn't yet been in the paper. This letter may be seen at

So I sent the following email to the editor:-

Dear Ingrid,

I was sorry to see that my letter, sent by email on 14th July wasn't published last week or this week. I thought it gave a better balance to the debate than the article about the "Councillors wage war on VAT hike" article. I had written quite a long letter that I revised a few times to get it to your 300 words limit. Could you let me know how I need to change it to get it published? Thanks.

I am adding the letter just in case it got lost in the ether. I did send it to Was this correct?

Michael Gradwell

I'll let you know if I get a reply. For that matter I'll let you know if I don't.

Change the world

P.S. My letter was published in the paper on 4th August. No reply from the editor but I did send an email saying thanks.

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