Tuesday, 6 July 2010

North versus South

If you live in rural Lancashire then it is fairly easy to get to a major city. I am not one for going shopping but I am quite happy with the number of events that I can attend locally. I guess I am saying that the world may revolve around Morecambe. However not everyone has the same view. Some will say that nothing happens outside London.

It would be nice to have less centralisation. Our national sporting stadia are mostly in London. Most of our national museums and galleries are there too. It is refreshing when you get a building of national importance elsewhere - particularly in the north of England but there are not many examples.

Have you ever seen subtitles for people who are speaking in English? It is really demeaning for them. The producer is saying "you may be speaking English but we can't understand you". Not quite as bad but demeaning too, is when I see the North of England correspondent on the television news. You don't see a South of England correspondent because this is obviously where all the serious news comes from. It says to me that the broadcasters will devote one of their reporters to the north and all the others are for the south. At least we don't usually see subtitles when a northener is speaking.

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  1. The thing is..Northerners KNOW what Southererners are saying, but frequently vice/versa ain't the case.We know how to read and speak "The Queen's English" even if we don't use in everyday life