Saturday, 17 July 2010

End Water Shortages

I wrote about the hosepipe ban last week and I suspected that the waste that we would hear about would be caused by domestic users. The call is now for every home to be fitted with water meters. Well it doesn't seem to have stopped raining since the ban came in and many Lancastrians have also been affected by flooding. It is fairly obvious that we need water. It is vital for life and if we charge for the amount that we use then it is going to hurt those with young families who are not in the best position to pay for it.

I know that the ground was dry. I know that heavy rain means that most of the water runs into the drainage system. I also know that countries with very much less rainfall manage very well. I am not sure if the Green Party would object to building dams but some countries build giant dams and they are seen as architectural works of art. They also mean that arid countries manage very well.

If other countries can build dams, limit flooding, improve their economies and use water as a source of electrical power then we should be thinking along similar lines. I am surprised that I have not yet heard about sharing baths, but it has rained every day during the ban. We should be careful with our resources but the calls we are hearing are diversion tactics caused by a lack of political will.

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