Wednesday, 7 July 2010

More on Morecambe Prom

It was only six days ago when I wrote about the developments on Morecambe Prom near the Midland Hotel. I was walking along the prom yesterday and there is an amusement arcade window displaying the plans. The owner is not happy. Complaints range from a lack of consultation to a Prince Charles type assault on the architects.

It is often the case that great architecture is contentious and beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. The arcade (and letters in the local press) protest also claimed that the local press would not publish an artist's impression of the smallest of the proposed buildings, the Midland and surrounding area. I seem to recall that I have seen this image in the newspaper. I may be wrong but I don't see why they wouldn't print it. I would guess that the accusation is that the press are conspiring with the council and the developers in order to endorse the planning application.

Last week I stated my main concern about developing anything by the coast - can it be protected from global warming and rising sea levels? My view of the artistic impression was that it didn't look bad at all. I thought it gave Morecambe a Mediterranean feel. The protest did mention that the prom belonged to the people (so should not be developed). Well there are not usually many people gaining the benefit of their possession and there weren't many today.

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  1. It amuses me that a lot of the buildings displaying posters objecting to the developement add NOTHING to the prom themselves (the arcase, the superbowl, several rundown and tacky shops).

  2. All the same...why can't this be situated on the landward side of the road? It's obvious Urban Splash are only in it for the cash. And if the person I spoke to is to be believed, the council have GIVEN Urban Splash the site. But if the sea level could possibly rise it would mean that residents of the proposed buildings would be unable to get insurance cover. Surely that alone should cause the developers to look for a more suitable site to develop?

  3. "I seem to recall that I have seen this image in the newspaper. I may be wrong"

    You really are a snake in the grass Michael.

    Could you possibly inform us what newspaper and the date the image was published.

  4. I am sorry that you think I am deceitful Anonymous. I can assure you that I believe that I have seen this image.