Sunday, 25 July 2010

Aesop and Morecambe

In Morecambe and Lancaster there is not much point in breaking the speed limit. If there is a gap in the traffic in front of you then there will be more congestion just around the corner. Even if you wanted to break the speed limit then you would be caught by the car driver who is not speeding. Aesop could have based his tortoise and the hare story on Morecambe traffic.

I drove through Preston on Friday and yesterday and here things are different. I noticed that cars were accelerating faster than I am used to. I noticed cars routinely breaking the speed limit. I would guess that on average Preston cars were travelling at 35/40 mph. It took me two trips but I realised that the cars that accelerated and broke the speed limit managed to get through the next set of lights.

I don't know if there is a great traffic plan in Lancashire but it certainly looks like there is a reward for speeding in Preston.

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