Thursday, 22 July 2010

Simple answers are often the best

Technology in football has been in the news again. Obvious goals are still being missed and it looks like the referee is going to get help from two more officials, one near each of the goals. According to the TV news it is still possible to miss a goal which is obvious to television replays. Graham Poll also reckons that the two additional officials on the payroll could miss goals but if a fan is sat higher in the stands then the goal may be seen.

As is often the case, the answers are obvious. Use technology if it is much more reliable. However there are criticisms of the delay involved by using replays. Alternatively place the extra officials in the stand. I am sure that they could wave a flag which could be seen by the referee. You have to allow for the speed of light but I think we can deal with that. No delay of game there then. When you measure ingredients in the kitchen you don't put yourself in an awkward position when measuring. Technology is already being used. Why go to extra expense?

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