Saturday, 3 July 2010

How to nurture English talent

The news is that Fabio Capello is to remain the England manager. It is refreshing to hear that a manager is supported even when the team that he is managing does worse than expected. I am not keen on the idea that we employ football managers and then sack the ones that are in the bottom half of the league because the team is in this position, and then sack some of the managers who are in the top half of the league because the team are not doing as well as the fans or the board would like. I would like to see contracts that are honoured. If you give a manager a three year contract then stay with it. This is what has honourably been agreed.

However there is another side to Fabio's contract. It may be that he was the best candidate for the England post, but how does he inspire national pride? What would have happened if England played Italy? If he were truly professional and didn't want Italy to win then what kind of role model is this to inspire national pride? Secondly, when Fabio began his role in England his English wasn't brilliant. How does he inspire through communication? It may be that he is inspirational but did the selection panel consider the inspirational value of his translators?

If we learn anything from this World Cup it should be that we need to nurture English talent, whether it is management or players. We can't do that with a Premier League full of non-English players and managers.

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  1. Although Fabio Capello might be well qualified for the job it always amazes me that we need to have a non UK England manager, surely there is someone good enough to do the job already living here, who also speaks the language.
    And didn't we see how torn a non English manager can be when Sven was manager and England played Sweden?