Sunday, 4 July 2010

I thought Andrew Neil was clever

In the last couple of days I have heard three or four comments about the VAT increase and the Liberal Democrats' poster concerning the Tory plans to increase this tax. Andrew Neil is one person who seemed shocked that the Liberal Democrats were part of the coalition that has increased VAT. Why should he be shocked? I thought he was a fairly clever man.

Before the election the Liberal Democrats were warning that great savings would have to be made and an open and honest approach was needed. An increase in VAT was not ruled out. It just so happened that if we were to believe Tory information then money would have to be raised elsewhere and the guess was that it would be VAT. Now that it has been discovered that the economy is much worse than anticipated then cuts will be deeper and taxation greater.

The Liberal Democrat position is completely reasonable. As for the Tories and their increase in VAT that they denied before the election, then there defence is... well I suppose it is the economy is worse than anticipated. However they can defend themselves but I really don't know why Andrew Neil and others should be shocked by the decisions made by Liberal Democrats.

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