Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We're Not Worthy

What is your definition of dignity? Is it something to do with value? I remember from my Latin O' level that dignus translates as worthy and this makes me think of Wayne's World and the hero worship that went with "we're not worthy". Should we aspire to be worthy people? Of course hero worship comes in all forms and a facebook page managed to make out that Raoul Moat was a hero.

There were calls yesterday for clarification of the law for so-called mercy killings. One man who has had a stroke wants his wife to help him to die. If you look up the details you will find that it is a severe stroke, but what about a mild stroke? What is the big deal about the severity of a stroke. People don't lose value because they are less able. If that were the case then we should reconsider all the anti-discrimation laws that have been passed.

My main concern when I hear calls for mercy killing relates to the message that this sends out to those who are less able. In fact it relates to the message sent out to anyone. There are times when we all feel less able. Just because someone cannot dress and feed themselves does not make them a less worthy person. If this were reason enough for life to be taken then there are thousands of people in this country who are in this position. The message is going out to them that they are not worthy and this is not a message that I want to hear if we are to call ourselves civilised.

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