Friday, 9 July 2010

Delaying Decisions

About four years ago I was part of a team that carried out a survey on Broadway's speed limit in Morecambe. It is 40mph but we wanted to know if it should be lowered as it is a broad way and there are drivers who treat it like a racetrack. In summary we supported a lowering of the limit.

There have been a couple of accidents this year, one of which closed the road for a few hours and caused a lamppost to be replaced. The light is now working properly but the light was on during daylight hours for around three months. I know of three phone calls to the council to correct it and save some money but I am sure they have a good explanagtion as to how it was cheaper to leave the light on.

As for the speed limit, this is Lancashire County Council business and I am sure they will eventually decide what to do, but I have heard that there has been a delay because of one objection. I have the details of many more who like the speed limit at 40mph and more who want it lowered, but if I pass over this information then there is a good chance that the Council would never make a decision.

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