Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Advice from Al Murray

I have started to read Al Murray's book of British Common Sense. I am writing about it here as there is so much to agree with. It really doesn't matter where you get your ideas but I didn't expect to get motivation for a political blog from his book. I'll share a couple of his ideas with you.

The first one is his response to the notion that no one should win in running races at school as someone may get upset. For every winner there is a loser and in most cases there is a whole league of losers. The British attitude is that it is not winning it is the taking part. We can't be upset at losing but this shouldn't stop us wanting to win and it shouldn't stop us announcing the winner.

Al also writes about taking our children to school by car so that they don't get run over but if we didn't use our cars then we wouldn't get run over. I think we use our cars because we have them and then make up stories about busy lives and how we need them, but life really does go on if the car breaks down and if you have to walk to school.

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  1. Beyond Al Murray's "pub landlord" personna is a very erudite man...with some very simple, but sensible ideas!
    Ifmore people left the3ir cars in the drive..and walked their children to school..they would finds their lives much richer...and their pockets better off..plus walking would be much safer.
    I used to walk my youngest to his primary7 school, and pass houses with parents coming out with children...bound for the same school...whilst we walked..they drove past..and then had to find a parking space. net result..we got there first!

  2. Thank you, Michael - good British name !