Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Train the entrepreneurs

I liked one of the answers on Any Questions last week about how we deal with a lack of jobs in a jobs market dominated by science and technology. It seemed obvious to Susan Greenfield, a scientist,that we need a workforce that is trained in science and technology and she told us that only 17% of students are taking one or more science A levels. Her answer was that we need to encourage our students in this direction.

However she also said that we have 70 graduates for every job. It strikes me that we have enough trained scientists already. Unfortunately it doesn't take much working out to discover that if you take 17% of those 70 graduates you still find that there are 11.9 really well qualified graduates going for each job. Maybe we need a few entrepreneurs before we think about the technologies.

Change the world

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  1. Student should only be encouraged into the sciences and technology if they can truluy get a grasp of the subjects. It is better that some go into areas where thyey might become future admin, entrepenures, bankers, etc. As the scientists ande technologists need a good, reliable support system behind them in order to concetrate on their areas of expertise