Sunday, 27 February 2011

Don't be put off

I was delivering leaflets on Friday and people are taking them off me and recognising them. The recognition is usually good as I get a lot of comments that they are appreciated. Even on Friday I was getting similar reactions except for one. A man rushed out of his house to tell me that this was the third piece of junk mail that he had received that day. I explained that it wasn't junk mail but a means to let him know what was going on and more importantly, a means for him to get in touch with us and take part in the democratic process.

We did continue with political "banter" and at the end he said "all right I'll let you off!. However it did make me think that he was trying to put off people from politics, in particular he was trying to put me off. Still, it takes all sorts and if that's the worst thing that happens...

Change the world

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