Saturday, 5 February 2011

Venus and Cupid

In March last year I showed some photos of this statue called Venus and Cupid which you can see on Morecambe prom. I have taken a few photos of it over the years and I have to say that I quite like it. I know there are some who aren't keen but that's art for you. It is in the news now because it doesn't belong to the council and money is needed to keep it in place.

I have written previously about the Morecambe Bay Independent Party who deny that they are a party when it comes to election leaflets. I know a little about the way they think as they "put Morecambe first" but I am not entirely sure what this means, as one of their members has written to reject the art work in favour of saving money for the whole of the local government district.

I am confused by their stance. I don't know if it is the view of one person (they call themselves independents) or whether it is their party policy to object to spending on works of art in their neck of the woods.

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  1. I was at Lancaster Uni some 40 years ago and stayed in Morecambe for part of my time there. It doesn't seem as though the attitudes of local politicians have changed much since then. I think that at that time the doyenne of the Morecambe Borough philistines was Councillor Mrs Nellie Bolton who as I recall objected to pretty welle verything including the students who were putting money into the economy.

  2. Thanks Richard. I thought the party that objected to everything was called the Green Party. Maybe the Independent Party is another candidate.