Monday, 28 February 2011

More on scams

On the 19th February I wrote about scams and how we should deal with them. I didn't like the idea of emails flying here there and everywhere to prevent scams from spreading, but I can't complain too much about a scam making the news as it did yesterday. It seems that some people in Lancashire have been asked for £100 in order to process their council tax rebate of up to £7000. Now replace Lancashire with any other county. Replace council tax rebate with any other bill that goes out of a household and I have just saved you reading about many more news articles about scams. Basically if anyone is asking for your bank details and then asking for money then alarm bells should ring without the need to be told.

Now take things forward a step or two. A criminal has asked for your bank details and you have given them. Why can't someone, say a police officer, find the criminal and bring them to justice? It should not be difficult to find the person and find the money. If it is dificult then we need to change the banking system that allows criminals to get away with crime. It may even put some of them off from starting a scam.

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P.S. You may like to compare this blog entry with that of the 18th January.

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  1. the latest scam e-mail I have had was supposedly from the Rt Honourable George Osbourne...inviting me to confirm my personal order to be given money. being the cynic that I am..I deleted it. I'm sure that if I really am due some money I will be contacted on proper headed notepaper from the relevant office! And it will be deliverewd by a special government flying pig that they keep especially for this purpose. :)