Thursday, 10 February 2011

What's a banker worth?

Bank leaders are "livid" because they are receiving an increased levy of £800m. Compare that with more than £6bn about to leave the banks' coffers as bonuses. This means that there is about eight times more going to top bankers than the amount which is making them so angry. I think it is time for them to calm down.

When I started out in politics as a teenager I felt that I knew the right thing to do (hence these blogs) but I did not know as much as other politicians. I went on to get a degree with the Open University, mainly in the social sciences, but I didn't feel that it made a great deal of difference as I was still the same person. I still thought I had the best ideas but a piece of paper said I could think politically. It didn't say I had the right ideas but I still feel that's the case.

It doesn't really matter if we are talking politics or business, the sciences or the arts, there are some people who rise above the rest, but in banking those slightly above the ordinary people find themselves in an extraordinary financial position when it comes to bonuses. The argument to keep them so well paid goes along the lines that we have to attract the best minds for such important positions. They may be the best minds but they are just people who have risen above the rest. We really have to question their worth.

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