Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More on the Morecambe Sculpture

I was part of an interesting conversation a couple of days ago which helped modify my views on the piece of sculpture in Morecambe that is currently being debated. I started from a position that some people like it and some people don't. I am quite sympathetic to a lot of works of art and visit galleries frequently. However I also feel there is a lot of rubbish around. Others will explain in the strongest terms how an unmade bed has pushed the boandaries of art. I haven't got past the unmade bed stage.

I thought that it was not the role of councillors to be our artistic arbiter. Just because councillors like a particular work of art should not decide whether we get it. If this were the case then I suspect most modern art galleries would close. The difference here is that the "Venus and Cupid" statue is to be paid for by the council. Someone has to decide. It means that works of art will not be avant garde - no boundaries will be pushed back. Councillors do have to judge, but wouldn't it be nice if they consulted widely, say with Focus leaflets.

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