Saturday, 19 February 2011

How not to deal with scams

"You're only in it for yourself" is not a comment limited to rogue MPs. It can be directed towards absolutely anyone. Bankers come to mind but anyone who buys or sells does so in order to get the best deal and that means some people get worse deals. At one extreme this is called theft and in that direction you will find con artists.

The reason that I am writing on this subject is because I received an email yesterday warning me of a scam. This time it wasn't about an email but a telephone scam. I searched for what others were saying about this particular con and everything I saw was praising the sender for informing them.

So I know now that I am in a minority of one when I say that I don't want emails about scams. I am sure that there are hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe millions of possible scams out there and I just don't want to receive this number of emails to warn me about them. Can you imagine if you had just three friends who wanted to inform you. Multiply the first figure of scams you thought of by three.

I'm not saying we shouldn't deal with scams, I'm just saying that friends and relatives sending emails to each other is not the best way to deal with it.

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