Sunday, 20 February 2011

Support for Morecambe's Winter Gardens

David Hasselhoff supports the reopening of the Winter Gardens. That's great! The more support for the reopening the better. However I have to wonder whether the Hoff would still support the reopening if he knew that the Winter Gardens was a theatre and not a set of gardens. It may well be that David has been fed more information, but that’s all it is, a feed.

You would expect that with such a ringing endorsement that David must have some connection with Morecambe, so I did a bit of searching on the internet and came across this article on the Sky News site: "ERIC MORECAMBE AND DAVID HASSELHOFF IN DEPTH" Wow! What in depth connection could there be between the Hoff and the Tall One With Glasses? I'll save you the trouble of following the link. It says "No Content for this connection".

That's it. The whole article. Okay, it is about Eric and not about the town, but after more searching I really don’t think there is a connection between David and Morecambe the town. It’s great that David Hasselhoff thinks that the gardens are "an important part of the UK's heritage", it would be greater still if I thought he knew about the place and was not just repeating someone else’s words. Wouldn’t it be nice if he said the same thing after paying a visit to the Winter Gardens.

Call me cynical because the pronouncement seems to have generated as much publicity for Morecambe MP David Morris as it has for the building. I'd be more impressed if Mr Morris could actually persuade his friend to see the Winter Gardens at first hand. I would find this impressive, it would generate yet more publicity for an edifice that's in dire need of regeneration and it would be a great boost for the town! A triple whammy! But can the MP do it?

Just in case David Morris doesn’t read my blog I will copy this entry and send it to him. I’ll let you know how he gets on.

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  1. I know she ain't high all...but my friend "kasey" loves the exterior of the "Winter Gardens"...she's also into "supernatural" and would love to be here when there is a "haunted" tour!
    The building is beautiful, on the exterior...maybe it will be a viable priority to the new Morecambe town council? After all..I am sure it has greater capacity than ther Grand and the Duke's put together