Friday, 4 February 2011

Local satisfaction

A friend was telling me recently how we have to reduce our carbon footprint. He thought that we don't have our priorities right and he mentioned an advert about holidays which is on TV at the moment. The advert asks the question do you go on holiday to relax or get fit. He felt that you cannot go to get fit as this depends on a way of life. As for relaxing we are being tempted to take summer holidays in winter and vice versa. Why don't we wait for the appropriate season and save money? What is the point of travelling around the world in order to lie in the sun?

We can go down to the supermarket and get any seasonal fruit or vegetable at any time of the year. Why? The answer, of course is because of demand. Why shouldn't we be able to buy a strawberry in February? Why shouldn't we have summer holidays in winter? The answer to this is that we are wasting the earth's resources. We are being conned to think that we need to take a routine holiday in the wrong season by the tourist industry. I wrote a recent blog about happiness. Well our taste for things tropical is causing us to live a hectic life to pay for it. My conclusion to the happiness blog was to be happy whatever we do. The conclusion to this blog is to be satisfied with local resources.

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