Saturday, 5 March 2011

Academic Improvements?

420 000 adults in Greater Manchester have problems reading and writing. Unless you know the population of Greater Manchester this figure will not mean much to you, but it does mean that one in four people are struggling to apply for jobs or pay bills. They lack basic literacy but how often have we heard politicians say they will target the three Rs?

There is good news. We heard about Karen Woods who could hardly read until her late thirties but has now written a couple of books following an adult literacy class. Karen was moved to write by a supportive teacher who “cried at my book”. And that’s what makes a good teacher. Teachers can’t get emotional if the pupil is not producing any work,

This report was specific to Greater Manchester. I will be interested to compare this blog with the one I write when the GCSE results come out because all I seem to read is that everyone has passed.

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