Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lord Lee of Trafford

I was present at the Liberal Democrats' North West Conference on Saturday. I'm not bragging as I really am quite an ordinary member but it did give me some photo opportunities. For more on the photographic side take a look at my photography blog at where you will also find more photos from conference.

Isn't it nice to be able to take photos! There are signs everywhere forbidding cameras in public places. Even in the open air you often read about complaints when photos are taken but there were no such restrictions to taking photos of members of the House of Lords and no such complaints. Just to prove it here is Lord Lee of Trafford who gave permission for me to use his photos.

The main difference for me with a Liberal Democrat conference and those of Labour or the Conservatives is that you get debate. If you have forgotten Walter Wolfgang you may like to search for what happened to him at a Labour conference. As the former minister Francis Pym famously said "landslides on the whole do not produce successful governments". He very soon became "former" after Mrs Thatcher heard him. It seems so obvious to me (and to Walter and Francis), opposition is important in order to avoid complacency.

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