Thursday, 31 March 2011

Frontline Police Officers

David Cameron tell us that there is no reason why there has to be fewer frontline police officers. He defends this by saying that the Labour Party would have made cuts too. Not the strongest defence to a statement telling the police that they don't have to make cuts. David did go on to say that cuts would mean freezing police pay, reform allowances (I think that means cuts) and cut down on paperwork. It isn't that long ago that I heard of police cuts affecting frontline officers but let's take their word now that 12% cuts could be absorbed.

The claim that no frontline officers should be lost begs the question can we lose non-frontline staff? Let's agree with David and say these staff are unnecessary. Let's agree and say the police force should have their pay frozen. This means they are effectively worth less because of inflation. Let's say they should receive less in allowances and their paperwork isn't important. It strikes me that even if all these factors were present we would not have a good staff morale among officers and if morale falls so does effectiveness and efficiency.

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