Sunday, 20 March 2011

How many politicians can say this?

I called round to see someone who had asked for my help yesterday. I was putting out our March leaflet at the time so it was easy to knock on the door. I was invited in and I mentioned that he had not added any comments to my blog. He has my email address and can email me if he wishes me to add any comments. I went on to tell him that I had gone to two councillors and one council officer for him and I passed on the information that I had been given.

He also mentioned another matter, a roundabout at the junction between Broadway and the promenade. He had read a previous leaflet which mentioned our support for the roundabout. We had carried out a survey of the whole of Broadway and surrounding areas, and we had come across spontaneous support for the roundabout. This man told me that he didn't think that we had knocked on every door on Broadway. It's a shame really as I said he could come to my house to look at all the results which are on my computer but he did not wish to take me up on this offer.

I think councillors generally work hard and are honest people and they could do without unfounded claims that they are not telling the truth. Still, I hope he realises the efforts that I have made on his behalf but I am not even sure if he appreciates that he said that I wasn't telling the truth. What I do know is that he may well see this blog and he will have the opportunity of putting his side. How many politicians say that? By the way, the irony has not passed me by when you compare this blog entry with that from yesterday.

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  1. The Broadway/prom junction has needed a roundabout for at least the last 20 years, and it's not as if there isn't enough room for one. Mind you, the powers that be seem to be favouring traffic lights at the moment, which will cause tailbacks.