Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Discipline and Respect

As I write this blog I am watching Manchester United play Marseille. Hernandez goes down in the box because he ran into the Marseille defender who stood still with his back to the united player. I mention this incident because the commentator tells us this is the first time that he has seen the (additional) assistant referee get involved and tell the referee that it wasn't a penalty. Then it is half-time and there is an advert about respect for referees because they have greater vision because there are more of them.

Do you believe the commentator who is saying that an extra official is a waste of time or do you believe the advert? What a waste of advertising! Football really needs to follow rugby in accepting the decisions made by the referee. This isn't a rugby or football blog, it is about how we accept authority and how we live our lives. There are some things we should not accept like any form of assault. Football lets this go on all the time. In rugby it is controlled and if you cross a line then you are punished. Discipline is really important in life and so is respect. Let's hope players, fans and commentators accept it.

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