Friday, 4 March 2011

Public replies to emails

I received a polite and helpful reply from a local government department today. I had waited a couple of days but I had been prepared for this as I received an automatic reply that my email would be dealt with this week. Well done Lancaster City Council.

I have also sent an email to my MP (take a look at my blog entry for the 20th February). I received another automatic reply but this one told me that I would just have to wait in turn. I don't think I have ever kept anyone waiting 48 hours for an email reply but I suppose I can't expect everyone to be so enthusiastic.

However, before the election I remember three phone calls from the Tories asking for my voting intentions. I did give full and honest replies each time so I don't know why they repeated the process twice. I do know that twice the person on the phone had an Irish accent.

It is a pity that the MP's enthusiasm prior to the last election appears to have greatly diminished.

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