Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An Independent Direction

In government the Liberal Democrats work in coalition and this means that we don't get all our own way. The great thing about being a coalition partner even if we are the junior partner is that manifesto commitments can be achieved. We can't achieve things on our own but isn't that what politics should be about? When the raising of the tax threshold allows nearly a million low-earners to stop paying tax then that's brilliant but we must have voted with others. That's the nature of democracy.

At a local level we have a coalition in Lancaster. The Tories decided not to participate so I suppose that makes them the official opposition. They can't take any credit but they can take the blame for not participating when they had their chance.

The Independent Party choose to take credit for housing regeneration, road repairs, and anything else that has happened regardless of how contentious or costly. I'll go into more details but the point for today is that we have to be modest in our claims and give credit where it is due. By all means explain political direction with a manifesto or constitution or preamble to a constitution. I have no idea what the Independent Party stands for.

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