Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bridging the gap between rich and poor

I returned from a visit to Glasgow yesterday. You may know that I have a keen interest in art and photography and I did visit the art galleries as well as look at Glasgow's many items of street art. I noticed no signs to stop flash photography which would damage the paint on canvas. It wouldn't do any harm to statues but there are often restrictions stopping any form of flash photography anwhere in galleries and museums. I didn't see any signs and I didn't see any flashes. I took some photos without flash and I'll show you some of them in the next week or so if you look at my photography blog.

The point I would make in this blog is that someone has to pay for street art. Everyone who walks in the street can appreciate it. You don't have to pay an entrance fee for the galleries but you do have to be motivated enough to see what is inside so mostly the options are there for rich and poor alike. Whilst in Glasgow l heard Ed Balls response to the budget. I heard him apologise for not listening to Vince Cable. I think that's what he said but it may just have been an apology for the rest of the world causing Britain's economy to fail. Then he said something about Labour not managing to decrease the gap between the rich and the poor. I didn't hear an apology for this but if Labour couldn't do anything to bridge this gap in thirteen years then I think it is fair to say that they would never bridge the gap. At least Glasgow and its council is doing something for equality of opportunity with its street art and its galleries and museums.

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