Saturday, 19 March 2011

Political Leaflets

We have been putting out regular leaflets in Morecambe which will hopefully turn into votes for the May elections. I live in a residential area with a leaning to the right so how do we get our message across. The first method is to let the electorate know that you are working. That means leaflets and it means this blog. It means replying to enquiries which range from conversations in the street to blog comments to replies on the tear-off section on each of the leaflets. I think that is all that is needed for most voters. They want to know that the candidate will work for the area and if any member of the public does engage with us then they will know that we work.

Compare this with our county councillor. He switched sides prior to the last election and still managed to win even though we have not heard from him before or since that time. The county division includes another ward which leans to the left. He is not a threat in this election but obviously relied on national developments for his success. However now the target is the soft Tories. They have done nothing locally as they chose to stay out of the coalition and they have not produced any leaflets (so far). The Tory MP didn't answer my email (see not so recent blogs). They are the ones making deep cuts at county level. Maybe some space should be reserved on the leaflets to make sure the electorate know this.

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