Friday, 11 March 2011

It could be Yes Minister

I was talking with a couple of people yesterday who had seen the Independent Party leaflet. You may have seen some of my comments already and I was not shy in telling them how bad I thought it was. How could they claim all the credit for anything when they are a minority partner in a coalition? One person thought the leaflet was quite good. They got a message over and voters would believe them. Should all parties claim all the credit (apart from the Tories who can't take any credit) for anything that goes on in our local coalition? My opinion is that we should be honest with the voters. It may win votes.

One of the Independent articles told us how well they had done in dealing with one of their rogue councillors. They want to be congratulated because six of their councillors did so well when the six were accused of bullying. I went into some detail in September last year about this. It is an important and sensitive issue which I described at the time as incompetence in which the council paid out "an estimated £20,000" (Independent Party leaflet). This was purely due to their councillors and now they want congratulating. Presumably they are pleased that it is only £20,000. It could really be an episode of Yes Minister.

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