Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Political Bias

I received a political leaflet through the door a few days ago from the Independent Party. They are part of the coalition at Lancaster City Council and as such I suppose they can claim the credit for anything good at this level of local government. On the other hand they also have to take collective blame. They can't claim anything at county level as they don't have any county councillors. They are the dominant party at town council level so they are able to freely take the blame or credit at this level. So much of what they had to say came as a surprise to me.

One article is about road repairs. They claim the credit for "extensive road repairs". Maybe part of the town council budget goes to repairing roads but I didn't know this. I find it hard to reconcile the word extensive with the work carried out at county level. Admittedly the practice of repairing roads is delegated to the city council but that doesn't make them the appropriate authority. However, it seems that these extensive repairs are isolated to Morecambe and Heysham "following years of Labour neglect".

I have no wish to defend a previous Labour administration at county level but my opinion is that the roads must be worse now than at any previous time (and it is Tory led now). Basically the article doesn't make sense but it looks like the Independents do everything. This propaganda comes from a party whose leaflets tell us to vote for them if we are sick of party politics. They could tell us about their goals for the city council but they can hardly take credit in the way they do. Let's hope their next leaflet will contain more balanced reports.

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